How To Get Rid Of Mice Under Kitchen Sink

The most common cause of mouse problems is food waste. They will be attracted to the moistness and warmth around kitchen sink, so consider using a sealant to prevent entry from the outside. Also, check and clean the bathroom toilet in your house. This is a perfect place for rodents to live due to their innate curiosity, so it needs close monitoring.

There are terms such as “mouse traps” or humane killing devices that can be used in this regard if you want a quick-yield solution but don’t have time for other measures like garage sealing or using caulk barriers underneath doors at all times of day. There is also the matter of food storage containers, whether on your counters or in covered areas away from mice–and other pests as well.

What is the best way to get rid of mice under kitchen sink?

As the best way to get rid of mice under kitchen sink will depend on the specific situation and needs of your home. However, some effective methods for getting rid of mice under kitchen sink include using a sealant around the perimeter of your sink to keep them out, cleaning up any moist areas near the sinks with a scrub brush or vinegar solution, and storing food in closed containers or tightly sealed containers away from mice.

The purpose behind reading this article was twofold, first and foremost it seeks to guide you on quickly getting rid of mice at your particular location, specifically below kitchen or bathroom sinks.

What are the best mouse traps to use?

The primary purpose of a mouse trap is to catch and destroy those undesirable rodents that have taken up residence in your home, but they can also be used for fishing other animals such as rats, rabbits, cats and more by releasing bait into container set-ups once again known as snap nesting traps.

How can I prevent mice from coming into my house in the first place?

Preventing mice from coming into your home in the first place will largely depend on what kind of environment you have to work with. If you live in an area where there is plenty of food and shelter, then it may be more difficult to prevent them from entering – however, if your house is sealed off tightly and there are no cracks or openings for them to gain entry then they may not be able to enter very often at all.

What products do I need to use for the best results?


If you want to prevent rodents from coming into your home, then it will most likely require you to start taking care of things at their source by sealing off any openings and cracks that may exist around kitchen or bathroom sinks.  In many cases, this is where mice are found as they have adapted themselves very well in this specific environment.

Do you know any other ways to get rid of mice besides using traps and chemicals?

Some people may also choose to use traps and chemicals, but there are many other ways that people have found to be successful in getting rid of mice. One popular way is to set out a food dish for them outside of the home – once they’ve started coming into the house for this food then you can start trying to capture them with mouse traps.


If you have mice under your kitchen sink, it’s time to do something about it. The first step is to contact a professional exterminator, who will be able to safely remove the pests from your home. Once the job is done, make sure you keep the area free of food and water for at least two weeks so that the mice can’t return. To learn more about how to get rid of mice under kitchen sink, read our blog post here .

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